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Please read our touring info ( Tours - Laws - Rules -Entrance fees to sites & Museums...etc) and do not hesitate to contact us. We will reply asap... Greece Taxi Minivan service, provides transfers & tours in low & logical cost

Touring information

Mode of Travel: Private tour. Schedule is flexible, but most importantly we can drive on small roads and you will not just see the sights through a bus window. Greece Taxi & Minivan Service

Tour Style: Leisurely to Moderate. See the main cultural and best archaeological sites of Athens/Greece. Time is allowed for gentle walks, swimming and coastal relaxation,  At summer, hats, sun glasses and *suntan lotion (*Please do not place it inside vehicle) are highly recommended.

Accommodation: For Day or Overnight tours, we use taverns/restaurants (are family run - traditional Greek - offering best quality) and  suggest hotels  / mansions B&B (A' class), which maintain the traditional style combining peace with luxury and cleanliness, with stunning views, in well chosen locations in the big cities or towns or in the beautiful mountains of the mainland.  For taverns and restaurants apart from the taste, tradition and value also played a part in our selection. And only the best coffee houses or cafes have been chosen, the places where we ourselves stop for a coffee or just a small break. 

Our Comment: Wherever you wish to travel with us, whether on a half-day trip in Athens, a full day excursion or even a week long trip, we guarantee you will see the unspoiled Greece, the real Greece. Our drivers are seasoned travelers and are dedicated to helping you live the tour of your life, that is suited to your needs and lifestyle, where you can relax, have no worry of driving, allowing all passengers to enjoy the scenic drives through the beautiful Greek countryside, stopping wherever you desire to take photos, swim or hiking, have a break. 

Important Note: A day tour or a long day tour can be effected from weather conditions or day light save hours. (End October - End March). Also traffic conditions special in Athens...

Gratuities in Greece

As the competition between companies and drivers is high, our offers cover our main costs (Fuels, road tolls, accommodation, taxes...etc). Tips in Greece, as all over Europe, are optional. However, a tip as a gesture of gratitude for good services offered is always appreciated. There is no standard amount, but depending on the trip's total cost, this can range between 10% to 20% for daily tours or 5% to 10% for long tours.

Number of People: We cater for any size of group, the tours are private, your group only, and therefore totally flexible, tailor-made just for you, your friends, family and affiliates.

Agreement Schedule: Tour is private and flexible, however we only request to have in mind the agreements hours, for half or day tours. But if you like to extend it, please make an agreement with your driver and deal a fair propose.

Exceptions: A day tour or a long day tour can be effected from weather conditions or day light save hours. (End October - End March). Also traffic conditions could effect the tour, special in Athens, or maybe a strike. We are obliged to inform you, that this will not change our rate agreement.

Vehicle type: We use  modern Sedan, Minivan vehicles, legal and licensed by the Greek National Tourism Organization, Smoke FREE, fully air-conditioned. Greece Taxi & Minivan Service

Laws / Rules: Your driver is not permitted to guide you in archaeological sites and museums, only licensed guides from the ministry of culture are allowed to do so, if you require such an extra service, we can book a licensed archaeologist guide for you or visit

What is the difference between a licensed tour/guide and a tour driver?

All our drivers are licensed drivers. Licensed tour drivers however, cannot guide you inside archaeological sites or museums. Only licensed tour/guides, who are accredited with the Ministry of Culture, can provide a fully-guided sightseeing experience inside archaeological sites and museums, but the licensed tour guides are not allowed to drive you... If you want a licensed tour guide for a certain museum or archaeological site in Greece, we can arrange one for you or you can visit: and make your own arrangements.

Touring Info
  • Laws / Rules: Rates include all local taxes, VAT, toll roads, ferry (where needed), accommodation (where needed) and baggage charges.

  • Not included: Entrance fees to Archaeological, sites, Museums, Caves, Castles, or drinks, meals, and/or gratuities.

  • Your driver/guide is not permitted to guide you in archaeological sites and museums, only licensed guides from the ministry of culture are allowed to do so, if you require such an extra guiding service, we can book a licensed guide for you or you can visit: and make your own arrangements.

Touring Info

Are there any differences Between a Traveler and a Tourist?



It's usually easy for locals to spot a tourist among them. A tourist may carry a camera, guidebook and map at all times and wear the same clothing he'd wear at home. Tourists tend to stay in their comfort zones a bit, they may speak only English (or their own language) instead of trying to learn phrases in the local language, stick to major cities or take cruises  instead of venturing to smaller towns or off-the-beaten-path locations and stay in areas where the amenities are similar to what they have at home. They are usually controlled by their leader group, who drives them to typical tourist traps ( Shops/ restaurants) just to get a commission.


Generally speaking, someone who considers himself a traveler will try to immerse himself in the local culture rather than standing out. If you're a traveler, you may try to explore the less-traveled areas and explore locations, shops, restaurants where tourism doesn't set up the usuall tourist traps. You'll interact with locals. Your goals for a trip will be to learn and experience new things, rather than to take a relaxing break from everyday life. A traveler may consider a trip a journey, maybe an adventure, rather than a typical vacation.

We Can help You, being a better Tourist and feel as a Traveler

Being a tourist is perfectly okay. If you're more comfortable around other tourists and want to document every sight plus other tourists with your camera, waiting on queues (For Example Cruises queues...), been driven in usually tourist traps, go ahead.

 1) Don't let your guidebook dictate your schedule. Find some English-speaking locals and ask them for advice on what sights you should see. You may discover a new favorite spot you'd never find in a book. Walk some areas on foot or travel with a local  driver/guide,  to experience the places as the locals do instead of taking guided tour buses.

 2) Let us take you to places where locals seems to gather, like a town square, a pedestrian road, a traditional restaurant or a small cafe, and spend some time there. Strike up conversations with people of all ages. Ask questions about the local culture and talk about common interests; at the very least, you'll leave with a broadened worldview.

 3) Let us drive you via local roads to see the other GREECE, as the region of Mani, Macedonia in Greece, Mount Olympus, Mount Pelion, Epirus (Mount Pindos )... and a lot more.  Of course we are not going to avoid the popular places/ attractions, as Acropolis & Parthenon in Athens, Delphi, Meteora, Ancient Olympia, Corinth, Cape Sounion...etc,  but we visit all the sites as travelers and try to avoid the large buses tourist groups' usual hours. 

We Visit Greece as Travelers, not as Tourists

Athens has some spectacular archaeological sites and museums, right in the heart of the city. And most of them charge an entrance fee. For example, a ticket to the Acropolis including the North and South Slopes costs 20 Euros (reduced to €10 during winter, from 1st November to 31st March. Entry to all government managed sites and museums in winter is half of what it costs during summer). For those wishing to visit the Acropolis and some of the other sites there is a multi-site ticket that costs €30 (there is no winter reduction for the special, combined ticket). The ticket is valid for five consecutive days. This ticket gives access to the Acropolis and five of the other must see archaeological sites in Athens, including the Ancient Agora, Hadrian’s Library, the Roman Agora,  Zeus Temple and Dionysus Theater .

ADMISSION FEES (Nov. 1st - March 31st reduced 50%)

Entrance for minors, under 19-years-old, is FREE to all the archaeological sites and museums in Greece.

Archaeological sites & museums will be closed at the following dates:

  • Christmas: December 25 + 26

  • New Year’s Day: January 1

  • Greek Independence Day: March 25 (National Holiday)

  • Greek Easter Day, floating date, April or May

  • Labor Day: May 1

Free admission days

  • 6 March (in memory of Melina Mercouri)

  • 18 April (International Monuments Day)

  • 18 May (International Museums Day)

  • The last weekend of September annually (European Heritage Days)

  • 28 October (National Holiday)

  • Every first Sunday from November 1st to March 31st

Reduced admission for:

  • Escorting parents on educational visits of primary schools.

  • Greek citizens and citizens of other Member - States of the European Union who are over 65 years old, upon presentation of their ID card or passport for verification of their age and country of origin.

  • Students of University - Higher Education Institutes, Technological Educational Institutes or equivalent Schools of countries from outside the European Union, upon presentation of their student ID cards.

  • Entry to all government managed sites and museums in winter (1st Nov. / 31st March) is half of what it costs during summer

Free admission for:

  • Escorting teachers during educational visits of schools and institutions of primary, secondary and tertiary education and of military schools.

  • Holders of a free pass

  • Holders of a solidarity card

  • Holders of a valid unemployment card.

  • Journalists upon presentation of their journalist identity card

  • Members of Societies and Associations of Friends of Museums and Archaeological Sites, upon presentation of their certified membership card.

  • Members of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece and equivalent Chambers of member-states of the EU, upon presentation of their membership card

  • Members of the ICOM-ICOMOS, upon presentation of their membership card

  • Official guests of the Greek State, after approval from the General Directorate of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage.

  • Parents of families with three children and their children up to the age of 23 or 24 if they are students and regardless of age if they have disability, upon presentation of a family status certificate issued by the Municipality

  • Parents of multi-child families and their children up to the age of 23, up to the age of 25 if they are doing their military service or studying and regardless of age if they have disabilities, upon presentation of a certified multi-child pass from the Supreme Confederation of multi-child parents of Greece (ASPE).

  • Persons with disabilities (67 % or over) and one escort, upon presentation of the certification of disability issued by the Ministry of Health or a medical certification from a public hospital, where the disability and the percentage of disability are clearly stated

  • Single parent families with minors, upon presentation of a family status certificate issued by the Municipality. In the case of divorsed parents, only the parent holding custody of the children

  • Students of University - Higher Education Institutes, Technological Educational Institutes, Military Schools or equivalent Schools of EU member states, as well as Schools of Guides, upon presentation of their student identity card

  • The employees of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Archaeological Receipts Fund, upon presentation of their service ID card.

  • The police officers of the Department of Antiquity Smuggling of the Directorate of Security

  • Tourist guides upon presentation of their professional ID card.

  • Young people, up to the age of 18, upon presentation of their Identity Card or passport for age confirmation.

Why Greece taxi: Because, we visit Greece as travelers, we get as excited as you, we love traveling & photography...We love what we do:) Although we have greatly enjoyed traveling around Greece, checking out places, taking photos and writing our text, as we are sure you can appreciate, it was at great expense and also time consuming. We continue to develop the site updating and adding new information constantly. Therefore we kindly ask any interested party who wishes to copy any part of the site - text or photos - to contact us and make a proposal before doing so. Thank you for your co-operation. Greece Taxi & Minivan Tours  & Transfers Service.

PS: Unfortunately one of our ex partner Vasillis Vlachos copied our text and our photos (in his websites ATHENS DAY TOURS & OLIVESEA TOURS)

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