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Top Visit/Destinations in Greece

Athens, Acropolis

Cape Sounion, Poseidon temple

Corinth, Canal & Acrocorinthos

Delphi, Apollo oracle

Epidaurus, Asclepius sanctuary

Epirus, mount Pindos -Vicos gorge

Hydra Poros Aegina (Islands)

Macedonia (Aegae, Pella, Filippi)

Mani, Laconia region

Messini, Ancient Ithomi

Meteora, & monasteries

Monemvasia, medieval town

Mycenae, Agamemnon palace

Nafplion, 1st capital modern Greece

Nemea, games

Olympia, birth of Olympic games

Olympus mount of the Gods

Pelion mount of Centaurs

Pylos (Nestor Palace) & Methoni

Sparta, Mystras

Thessaloniki, Macedonian capital

We have tried to include as much useful information about archaeological, classical, biblical and historical sites in Greece as possible... Greece taxi minivan service provides transfers & tours in low & logical cost

Thank you for visiting our site GreeceTaxi, a unique and not a copy/paste Web photo site... Briefly Greece is surrounded by water, but the mainland is full of mountains. Greece has very few even if the distances between cities look near in the map it will take a long time to approach. Our website is not just designed to accommodate clients. We have tried to include as much useful and practical information about Greece as possible to assist you in your planning. Please look through our site and not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. We are happy to help all visitors to Greece regardless of whether you use our services or not. Greece Taxi & Minivan Service

Why Greece Taxi: Because we visit Greece as travelers, not as tourist, we get as excited as you, we love touring and photography. Although we have greatly enjoyed traveling around Greece, checking out places, taking photos and writing our text, as we are sure you can appreciate, it was at great expense and also time consuming. We continue to develop the site updating and adding new information constantly. Therefore we kindly ask any interested party who wishes to copy any part of the site - text or photos - to contact us and make a proposal before doing so. Thank you for your co-operation. Greece Taxi & Minivan Service

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