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Meteora private day tour from Athens / Volos


Meteora Private day tour, all year around. Visit Meteora Rocks & Orthodox Monasteries... Departure from Athens / Volos, visit Meteora in one day. Greece Taxi Minivan Service

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We Visit Meteora Rocks one of the natural Wonders on Earth, the Orthodox Monasteries. Departure from Athens/ Volos

Meteora private tour/ Orthodox Monasteries tour

Meteora Private day tour from Athens, Volos... request a terminal

Meteora Day tour: Starting from Athens in the morning, we drive through the fertile plain of Beotia by the town of Thebes. Continue to Thermopylae ( 200km from Athens). We stop to visit Leonidas Monument and the famous Battle fields from Greek Persian Wars. Visit the Museum. Continue via Lamia to Trikala ( short stop)

Meteora day tour will drive via Lamia to Trikala ( visit A Greek traditional town). Short stop... This tour its possible to be done in One Day. After a new construction of High way E92 . the Distance Athens / Meteora is 360 km Approx 4 hours without stop. Please have in mind the traffic from Athens center until the highway E75. The time we will have to visit Meteora Rocks & Monasteries  & Kastraki village are max 4 hours...Suggested departure time from Athens about 7.00 AM the latest. Total trip 12 hours, maybe 13 hours... Total km 365 x 2 = 730 km plus 40 for touring 770 km. Road tolls  Athens / Meteora/ Athens the cost is 45 euros.

Meteora Private Tour. Visit the Orthodox Monasteries...View them form all different Angles

Mateora Day Tour: Our Meteora Tour departs for Meteora rocks from Athens ( Do not hesitate to request another terminal / Maybe from  Volos. The road descends into Lamia, passing through typical towns and numerous picturesque mountain villages of Central Greece. We'll arrive in Meteora which lies North of Kalambaka in the northwest corner of the Thessaly plain, a group of fantastic grey rocks rising up out of the trees in the Pinions Valley. Perched on the top of these huge and precipitous columns of rock, (there are some 60 of these columns of rock, a favorite haunt for climbers) are the famous cenobitic monasteries known as the Meteora which means "in the air" where you can see exquisite specimens of Byzantine Art. Of the 24 monasteries that were built between the 13th and 16th centuries only six are still inhabited:  The Great Meteoron, Agia Triada, Agios Nikolaos and Varlaam by monks: Agios Stephanos and Roussanou by nuns. Stay overnight in the closest village to Meteora with the best view of the giant rocks and monasteries (photo below). GreeceTaxi will take you for photo tour with the sunset

Meteora Day Tour: Visit the Rocks & Orthodox Monasteries:

Agios Nikolaos daily, summer 9.00a.m to 16.00 p.m (Closed on Fridays)

Poussanou daily except Wednesdays, summer 9.00a.m to 17.00p.m - (Winter to ) Entrance fee 3 Euro. Megalo Meteoron daily except Tuesdays 9a.m t0 17.00 p.m (15.00 p.m in winter closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays) entrance fee 3 Euro.

Varlaam daily except Fridays (and Thursdays in winter), same times as for the Megalo Meteoro.

Agia Triada daily except Thursdays 9.00a.m to 12.30p.m and 3p.m to 17.00p.m (winter 16.00pm. closed Wednesdays & Thursdays) Entrance fee 3 Euro

Agios Stefanos daily except Mondays 9.00a.m to 13.00 p.m and 15.00 to 18.00. (16.00 p.m in winter)

Meteora private tour/ Orthodox Monasteries tour
Meteora Monasteries private tour

Meteora private tour returns to Athens via Trikala (Magnificent town, short stop) Larissa, Lamia. We will stop at Thermopylae (where in 480 B.C. a battle between the ancient Greeks and Persians took place)to visit Leonidas Monument. All the information & photos on this website is updated continuously.

Meteora Tour / Daily:  Three days tour. Please read our Touring/Info*

Delphi Sites & Museum: Summer: daily, 8.00 to 20.00. Winter: 8.00 to 17.00 and 16.00

Last entry 30 min before closing.

Entrance fee to site & Museum 12 Euro

Monasteries fee 3 Euro

Delphi Site, Closed on Holidays: January 1st. , March 25th, May 1st, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. On Good Friday, the sites are open 12.00 - 17.00.


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