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Sıght Tours in Greece


Visit Greece as traveler and not as tourist. Private sıghts tours in Greece with a tour driver or archaeologist tour guide. Sıghtseeıng tours in Athens, Sounion,Corinth, Delphi, Sparta, Meteora, Olympia... Greece Taxi Minivan Service


Love Traveling/ Sıghtseeıng  


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Skill Driving


About Us: We name our site greecetaxi, but we are a team of highly skilled, professional drivers, who are knowledgeable about the historical and archaeological sites in Greece, and can guide you everywhere on Greece's mainland. All our drivers have traveled extensively and have first-hand knowledge of the destinations we book for. We know the best accommodation and restaurants or cafes, as we have personally tried almost all of them. We visit Greece as travelers and we get as excited as you do, and we love traveling and photography. We have gone to great lengths to capture the best pictures in order to construct a unique visual experience on our web site, because we believe that pictures speak louder than words. Unfortunately text and many of our Photos ( more than 500 ) were stolen form one of our partners, / Vassilis Vlachos, who use them in his web sites AthensTaxiTours & OliveSeaTours.
We do not pay for advertising or commission to others as Viator...etc, only we  work hard at trying to achieve our goal of giving visitors the holiday of a lifetime, by helping them see the real Greece, meet the real Greek people, sample the real Greek food and take them to places where they will be the only people who speak English. 
We’re in the business of making your travel arrangements hassle-free. Tours with a driver or an Archaeologist tour guide who will take you to places difficult to access with a large group of people. Our archaeologist tour guides are proficient and extremely knowledgeable not only of the best locations to visit but can also provide detailed commentary on the history, ındroduce the culture and life of Greece in general and of course avoid the tourist traps.

We Visit Greece as Travelers, not as Tourists

Our Comment:

GreeceTaxi is not a copy paste website, all text and photos is a work, which not stop from 1999... and we do not pay for advertising. So wherever you wish to travel with us, whether on a half-day trip in Athens, a full day excursion or even a week long trip, we guarantee you will see the unspoiled Greece, the real Greece. Our drivers are seasoned travelers and are dedicated to helping you live the tour of your life, that is suited to your needs and lifestyle, where you can relax, have no worry of driving, allowing all passengers to enjoy the scenic drives through the beautiful Greek countryside, stopping wherever you desire to take photos, swim or hiking, have a break. Any combination or schedule of tour can be arranged for you from one day tour to two week long tours, depending on the time you have available.

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