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Athens Airport, Piraeus port private transfers, Port of Athens, Piraeus/ Pireas... Public transportation, Bus, Metro, Taxi... prices, escort taxi minivan service. We provide transfers & tours in low & logical costs

Athens aiport, Piraeus port private transfers / Transportation

The modern large Eleftherios Venizelos airport, at Spata, is comfortable and well designed, equipped with the latest technology available. The new Athens airport has a vast shopping mall, serving travelers, as well as local residents in this well populated area. Spata, situated on the eastern side of Attica, together with the upgraded port of Lavrion will enable visitors to get to the islands by boats much faster, as the distance from Lavrion, at the tip of the Attica peninsula, is considerably shorter than the trip from Piraeus port.

Athens aiport, Piraeus port private transfers / Transportation

The new airport/website at Spata opened on Wednesday March 29th. Distance 35 km. from the centre of Athens, 48km. from the port of Piraeus and 38 from Lavrion.

  • Upon arrival at the airport terminal, you have to go through passport control, one line for EU Nationals and another one for everybody else. Travellers from the US, Canada and Australia, no longer need a visa.

  • The next stage, is baggage pickup and customs, all simple procedures. Travellers who have arrived in Greece, via other European countries, do not have to go through customs control.

  • If you have a lot of luggage there are carts that you can use (1euro each). There is also a place to change money within the baggage section.

Athens airport, Piraeus port private transfers. A pre - arranged chartered Taxi & Minivan transfer with escort, will cost  more than hailing a cab but the regular taxi queue will start from Door 4 of the Arrivals Level and extend up to Door 1, so it needs patience and after a long trip, this can be trying. A regular taxi should cost you about 38 - 40 Euro Day Time (55 Euro after midnight to 6.00 am) to the center of Athens, but you must take whichever one you get when it is your turn (max. four persons - family sharing a taxi). They charge extra 0,60 Euro per bag that you put into the trunk (European sedan cars don't have big trunks), plus road tolls 3 Euro.

Greece Taxi & Minivan Service will take you to your Hotel / Apartment / Port in a net price...without extra charges, View Here >

Athens aiport, Piraeus port private transfers / Transportation

Athens Transportation from/to the Athens airport?

Buses: There are four bus lines to and from the airport. All buses depart from the designated area on the inner curb side of the arrivals level of the Main Terminal Building exactly outside the Exit (doors 4-5) website Tel:1185

  • Line E94 connects the Ethniki Amyna Metro Station with the Airport. Passengers can transfer from the Metro line to the Airport Bus at this departure point. This bus stops running before the metro stops running which is around midnight.

  • Line E 95 Syntagma Square - Airport Express has its departure point at the centre of Athens (Syntagma Square-Amalia Ave.) and via Vas. Sofias Avenue, Mesogion Avenue and Attica Odos terminate at the airport.

  • Line E96 Piraeus - Airport Express starts from the centre of Piraeus (Karaiskaki Square) and via Posidonos Avenue, Varis-Varkizas, and Varis-Koropiou Roads terminates at the airport.

  • Line E 97 Daphni/ Panagouli Metro Station and via Vouliagmenis Avenue, Varis -Varkizas, and Varis-Koropiou Roads terminates at the airport.

For Express Lines E94 - E95 - E96 - * E97, the ticket costs 6 Euro. DO Validate your ticket by inserting it into the validating machine as soon as you board  the vehicle or when you enter a metro station. Keep it safe till the end of your trip. Otherwise, you are liable to an on-the spot- fine,  60 Euro. Arriving buses disembark passengers at the designated area of the departure level of the Main Terminal Building. Both the Syntagma and the Piraeus buses run for 24 hours, generally every thirty minutes but every 50 minutes after midnight. * Every three hours. In Athens the public transport comprises of the blue buses and trolleys (tickets 1,40 Euro. which must be purchased beforehand from blue or yellow kiosks).

Athens aiport, Piraeus port private transfers / Transportation

What kind of ticket do I need to travel from/to the Athens airport?

To travel from to/the Athens airport and the city of Athens you need one of the following tickets:

  • A metro ticket for the airport (€10 Adults  – €5, Children above 7).

  • Return Metro tickets for the airport (€18) and 2 and 3 persons group tickets for the airport (€18 and €24) exist as well.

  • An express bus ticket for the airport (€6 – €3 children above 7)

  • A 3-day tourist ticket  (€22)

Athens aiport, Piraeus port private transfers / Transportation
Athens aiport, Piraeus port private transfers / Transportation

In Athens the public transportation is not of the best , not because the buses are not of the latest technology but because the amount of people standing is usually triple the amount of those seated.  In other countries only five people are allowed to stand whereas in Greece it could be as many as seventy.

Metro-Proastiakos: The Metro has been in operation since January 2000. More than 550.000 passengers rely on the Metro for their daily transportation. A rail system comprising of two lines, Line 2 ( Ag. Antonios - Ag. Dimitrios - Alexandros Panagoulis,- Elliniko) and Line 3 (Monastiraki - Doukissis Plakentias - Airport ) and 23 stations of outstanding technological and ergonomic design, aim to provide a modern, fast and secure means of transport that has upgraded the way we view the city of Athens. The metro ticket  1,40 euro are sold only at the  entrance of the metro  stations - Ticket prices to and from the Airport - Single 10, 00 euro. You must validate your ticket prior to boarding the train at the installed validating machines. There are continues checks conducted by authorized personnel in order to ensure all passengers hold the equivalent of a validated ticket. In case a passenger fails to demonstrate an appropriate ticket a final equal to 40 times the price of the ticket, will be imposed.

Athens aiport, Piraeus port private transfers / Transportation
Athens aiport, Piraeus port private transfers / Transportation
Athens aiport, Piraeus port private transfers / Transportation
Athens aiport, Piraeus port private transfers / Transportation

In Athens and Piraeus there are approximately 12.000 Taxi. In any other city with a population of 5 million this number would be sufficient, but not so in Athens where the population is greatly increased by  tourists during the summer months. Due to this it is usual for a Taxi to stop and pick up a second (*) or even a third passenger charging each one full fare. It is not legal but at rush hour when you are in a hurry get  to work or tired and want to go home you will accept anything. In Greece (except at airports) Taxi ranks are hardly used, mainly due to the fact that Greeks hate to wait in queues. That’s why an Athenian will never wait in one, but just stop the first Taxi regardless of who has priority.

Baggage Storage - Care4bag +30 2103530352
The new airport does have a luggage storage facility. It is located on the ground floor of the International Arrivals terminal. As soon as you exit the luggage claim area you should turn left and go all the way to the far end of the terminal building. There you will find the "Luggage Storage" facility. They are open from 6:00 AM to 2:00 AM every day and they charge 3 Euro. per day per suitcase.

Police Lost Property +30 2103530515

For items lost in the Terminal areas, please contact Airport Lost Property, operated by the Hellenic Police. The office is located at the Arrivals Level and operates on 24 hour basis.

Changing Money: If you are using a pre-arranged transfer you won't  need to change any money until you get into the city. If you didn't change money in your country and you wish to change at the airport, don't worry, the rates are much the same whether you are in the airport or downtown. (Always compare commission rates wherever you are). ATMs in various locations. When you get to downtown Athens you can change money at the banks and money changing shops around Syntagma and the Plaka. The rates are usually displayed at each location along with commission rates.

VAT Refund: GLOBAL BLUE PREMIER TAX FREE +30 210 3531444

Locatedin the ONE exchange units Departures Level, Non Schegen Area - All Passengers area

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